Sony hcd-sa30 инструкция на пульт

sony hcd-sa30 инструкция на пульт
When there are discrepancies between two data, it displays error. Page 21 HCD-WZ8D MECHA AGING • Code list of Emergency History 10: Communication to RF AMP (IC001) failed. On the Test Mode Menu screen, selecting executes the aging of 11: Each servo for focus, tracking, and spindle is unlocked. the mechanism deck. To facillitate ease of locating your model, you can use the drop down menus below to navigate our current inventory of Sony service manuals. Also, clicking the version at the upper right on the revised page allows you to jump to the next revised page. Your model may return multiple results, some of which may contain only the parts list. List of button locations and reference pages Illustration number How to use this page TAPE A/B 3 (41, 42) Use this page to find the location of buttons and other parts of the system that are mentioned in the text.

Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great dealsVisit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customersContact your Sony Support teamBook, track or maybe even avoid a repairNever miss an update again! For the manual operation, each servo on/off control and adjustment can be 1. Page 19 HCD-WZ8D 2-1-3. Disc Type CD 2-3. Track/Layer Jump It sets up so that it may judge as a disc type of specification of the disc with which the set was inserted. Sony 5.1ch DVD Home Theatre System — DAV-DZ350 735.00 AED.

Execute this mode when returning the disc in the store is equipped. Page 22 HCD-WZ8D aa: Initialization is completed or not. VERSION INFORMATION : Complete. On the Test Mode Menu screen, selecting displays the ROM other number : Not complete. version and region code. bb: Operating status of mechanism deck at an error occurred. Offset Coarse 3. DL Disc check 4. —————— 5. Trk. Then the adjustment will be made 25. 32Tj forward through the steps below, then adjusted values will be written to the 26. Page 18 HCD-WZ8D DRIVE MANUAL OPERATION 2-1. Disc Type Note: This mode is used for design, and not used in service fundamen- tally. Track/Layer Jump : CD disc (normal speed, 12 cm) Page 20 HCD-WZ8D 2-5. EEPROM Write Adjust 2-7. Disc Check Memory EEPROM Write Adjust Disc Check Memory 1. Focus Offset 1. SL Disc check 2. Focus Gain 2. CD Disc check 3. Trk. Page 17 HCD-WZ8D 1-1. DVD-SL (single layer) 24. Auto track gain adjust Press the [1] key on the remote commander and insert a DVD single Search Check layer disc following the message.

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