Hp v1910-48g switch инструкция

hp v1910-48g switch инструкция
All models come with two combo uplink ports. Pvid on trunk ports Doesnt matter as you will learn from the article). This article explains it all. Sadly it does not look like that particular switch supports it.

KB ID 0000495 Dtd 20/08/11 Problem I was surprised this week when I went to fit one of these switches, I know HP bought 3Com some time ago but when I popped open the HP box I did not expect to see a 3Com switch. Enhanced security features such as Access Control List, IEEE 802.1x and VLANs guard your network from unwanted or unauthorized access. Blank Port: What if a port doesnt have a TAG or UNTAG for a specific VLAN #? Then packets that have a certain VLAN # attached to them (tagged to them) will not leave out of that port. Pretty sure reality does not care about what your manager wants. This is because traffic on the way back in will either have to be put on vlan 10 or 20, so that means half of your return traffic will not go the right way. This setup you want is possible with a switch and a router/gateway, which understands VLANS and one that Doesnt (you just need to create an extra internet vlan.

The HPE 1910 Switch Series, part of the HPE OfficeConnect portfolio, delivers Fast Ethernet connectivity for cost-conscious smaller organizations. For more info check out link below. OLD RESPONSE: I have the exact article for you. The HPE 1910 Switch Series delivers advanced functionality in smart-managed switches, including Layer 3 static routes, SFP ports, IPv6 support, rate limiting, link aggregation, and IGMP. The switch series includes PoE+ options to power IP devices without the cost of additional power outlets.

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