Cobra 3191 инструкция

Although others may be initially cheaper to buy, they are not necessarily cheaper to build. People expect ERA’s to have consistent quality, and they are willing to pay for it. For these reason– Street lights should produce good quality light to ensure good contrast between objects and good color discrimination. That, alone, will save you many hours of frustration — and quite a bit of money, too! Thus while Type 5 are suitable for installation for a 360 degree illumination footprint, Type 1 is most suitable for installation along a road median. The optional ERA rear suspension Our fully adjustable rear suspension has outboard brakes and improved geometry for the ultimate in track performance.

Racing History repeats itself, ONLY BETTER! «Cobra», «Shelby», and «Ford» are registered trademarks. E.R.A. is in no way connected to these or any other rights involving the original Ford or Shelby Cobra. Light and the angle above the Nadir The nadir is represented by the lamp median perpendicular to the ground. IES classification of lights as ‘full cut off’, ‘semi cut off’ and ‘non cut off’ is based on the light dispersion 80 and 90 degrees above the nadir. The result: our standard assembly has almost every part either hinged, latched, or fit before it leaves the E.R.A. factory.
Similarly it is possible to develop control technologies that will allow sensors to match light output to ambient light levels – using small amounts of electricity to produce small amounts of light early in the evening and near daybreak. Original drivetrain, unmodified body and original Sunburst wheels. An extremely rare chance to win a true factory-spec 427 Street Cobra. Compare our body, engineering, and level of support with others. We figure, if you know the facts, everbody wins! After all, the human race has come so far because of its intelligence. The leakage of light from street lights to illuminate the sky is clearly visible. Retrofits Kits can work with your existing lenses and optics distributions, just think of it as a simple bulb and ballast replacement.How many lumens do you need to replace your Metal Halide lights?

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