Руководство инструкция субару форестер 2004

August 11, 2010. Retrieved May 5, 2012. ^ «Symmetrical AWD» SUBARU GLOBAL[dead link] ^ «Chevrolet Forester SUV — Chevrolet Forester India — Chevrolet Forester Features & Specifications». . The Nissan Pathfinder has also used this transmission in the past with an external transfer case attached. Safety equipment includes front airbags with side curtain airbags and front passenger side airbags (for a total of six airbags) and brake assist that detects panic-braking situations and applies maximum braking force more quickly.

Although the body has not changed, and the ride height remains the same, the powerful engine seems to affect the driver’s perception of the vehicle accordingly. The 2.0 diesel model comes with 16-inch alloy wheels. March 2005. ^ «2006 5Best Trucks». Car And Driver. Retrieved December 10, 2010. ^ Subaru of America Forester sales brochure, printed March 2008 ^ «Subaru and L.L.Bean Part Company». .
Marketing[edit] As part of the US market launch of 2014 Subaru Forester, the ‘Dog Tested. Retrieved December 10, 2010. ^ «Subaru Forester Mountain Rescue Concept Ascending To SEMA». . These options were also included with the Columbia edition. The 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine in the first-generation Foresters featured head gaskets which were prone to premature failure. The Weekender edition included fog lamps, roof racks and alloy wheels.

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