Инструкция lg 42ls570t

инструкция lg 42ls570t
Если настройка верна, но интернет не работает, перезагрузите оба устройства, и попробуйте снова. Дальше заходим в настройки телевизора и переходим на вкладку Каналы и выбираем Автопоиск. В качестве источника входного сигнала, выбираем Спутник. Page 82: To Set The Pointer Of The Magic Remote Control To set the pointer of the Magic Remote Control ❐ HOME ➾ Settings ➙ OPTION ➙ Pointer Sets the speed and shape of the pointer that appears on the TV screen. Page 76 HOME ➾ Settings ➙ OPTION ➙ Language Selects Menu Language and Audio Language displayed on the screen. Adjusts the overall tone of the screen as desired. Page 173 If the following symptoms occur, please carry out the checks and adjustments described below.

Page 138 ✎ You can purchase apps via PC or TV, but you must use the TV to install and run them. ✎ If you have insufficient storage space on your TV, you can download apps to a USB storage device connected through the TV’s terminal for USB apps. Page 192: Energy Saving ❐ Energy Saving Energy efficiency cuts energy consumption and thus saves money by reducing electricity bills. Page 41 Cinema/ ꔧ Cinema Displays images that have been optimized for movies Game or games. [ꔧ Cinema : Depending on model] Menu for adjusting picture quality that allows experts and amateurs to enjoy the best TV viewing.

Reduction Adjusts the brightness or darkness of the screen to suit the Black Level black level of the picture input using the degree of darkness (black level) of the screen. Follow the instructions to obtain the optimum picture quality. Page 70 To set current time ❐ HOME ➾ Settings ➙ TIME ➙ Clock Checks or changes the time while watching TV. Synchronizes the TV clock to the digital time information sent Auto by the TV station. Some functions are connected with other SNS, so you may need the SNS account to sign into the service.

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